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Our Services

Traditional biospecimen collection is an afterthought or an add-on service.

For us, it's our primary goal.

By leveraging our decades of experience in building high-quality diagnostic workflows, Reference Medicine utilizes tight process controls that ensure specimens are being collected, processed, and stored without errors or compromising quality.

Our Process


Match your donors curated for specific research
We activate our extensive donor population to identify and collect the samples you need.


Harvest your relevant biological laboratory specimens
Samples are collected in proprietary workflows and optimized for quality and accuracy.


Provide comprehensive medical history information
Donor health histories and cutting edge clinical diagnostic data are available for every sample.

Our Mission

Core Innovation

We've reduced barriers and made access to biospecimens easier, faster, and cheaper, so you can focus on testing ideas rather than sourcing samples.

Rapid Iteration

With fast and affordable access to samples, your R&D teams can iterate faster to make enhanced progress on your most important projects.

Novel Application

With reliable access to matched specimens collected across the human body, scientists can ask novel questions and develop the next generation of diagnostic and therapeutic products.

Our Advantages

We're here to deliver the best experience for you.
Quality guarantee
The quality of our samples are our highest priority, and all of our offerings are backed by a no-questions-asked guarantee.
Affordable cost
We've eliminated the need to perform costly clinical trials, so you can affordably access the samples you need.
Comprehensive tests
We provide clinical-grade diagnostic characterization that you can rely on to be accurate and comprehensive.
Optimized service
With customized workflows, our laboratory services are optimized to fit your needs in every experiment.
Personalized for you
Bespoke to seamlessly integrate into your unique working systems and business venture.
Trusted team
We're scientists too and have designed our business around the needs of cutting-edge development teams tackling the biggest opportunities in healthcare.


Biomarker Discovery

Scientists working to develop diagnostic tests for neurological diseases have struggled for decades to identify biomarkers. Accessing diseased brain tissue to diagnose disease and match biofluids for biomarker discovery simply hasn't been possible.

Partnering with Reference Medicine, researchers can now obtain matched samples from large cohorts of diseased populations and isolate new markers to diagnose disease.

Iterative Assay Development

Reference Medicine partners with R&D teams that require tight, experimental control by providing large format specimens optimized for iterative experimentation.

By providing specimens in large volumes, developers can focus on manipulating assay variables in iterative experiments while mitigating sample variation.

Realistic Development Environment

We collect, process, and store specimens using diagnostic-grade workflows optimized to represent clinical conditions.

R&D teams rely on Reference Medicine for specimens that perform identically to patient samples to eliminate the costly risks associated with contrived specimens and cultured cells that produce false-negative or false-positive results during technology development, validation, or regulator submission.

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